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Nowadays, one of the most popular services we offer is prenuptial agreements or as they are popularly known – prenups. The main reasons a legal document of this type has become more popular is due to the fact more people tend to get married later on in life or are getting married for a second time. For both these and any other situations prenups or prenuptial agreements are legal documents that are drawn up. We have real expertise and the capacity to deal with post nuptial agreements, this is a legal agreement or document for couples who are already married.




Most peoples circumstances are very different, Prenuptial agreements or Prenups are not the same for everyone or every situation, the only real similarity is that they are drawn up by our family law team for both parties – re no need for another family law firm to get involved. A prenuptial agreement or prenup is a written legal document put in place to protect both parties prior to marriage.

The main objective of such a prenup is to set in a document a way to regulate the division of cash, savings, investments and assets if the marriage should break down, set up when the dissolution of the marriage happens. As expert family solicitors we appreciate how awkward this type of situation can be, just bringing the subject up to someone you have obvious feelings for, can feel a little bit uncomfortable. We know, that a prenuptial agreement can give the relationship that peace of mind which is a positive as it can save a lot of heartache further down the line.

Not one situation is the same, there are many different circumstances where a pre marriage agreements will need to be drafted. The most popular prenuptial agreement is put in place because one partner has accumulated more assets and is much wealthier than the other.

Prenup agreements are popular for couples getting married for a second time, the main reasons for this is that in a second marriage both parties have accumulated assets, investments, cash or savings which they may feel they want to protect. They may want to divide these up as inheritance for their children that they have had in a previous marriage.

If you are about to get married or if you are already living together and wish to protect a business, investments, property, savings, money or assets, we can help. We have expert family law solicitors who can expertly put together prenuptial agreements that suit your needs.

You may not be about to get married but are in a relationship and living together we can help with cohabitation agreements. You may wish to look at other ways of protecting investments or assets, we have methods in place, such as putting them into trust, or simply preparing a written legal will which we will.



To get a prenuptial agreement put in place the first step is really easy.  Get in touch and arrange an appointment with one of our family lawyers. At the first meeting we will go over what your circumstances are now and what they may be like in the future and get the very best prenup drawn up, one that is best suited for you both.

It is also worth noting that we offer advice on other methods to keep your assets, investments and savings safe such as Trust Funds which are set up to protect your assets, savings, property and wealth. For the very best family law help and advice call our family lawyers today or fill out the contact us form, outlining clearly what type of pre marriage agreement you wish to discuss with us.

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