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In the United Kingdom UK law on couples who live together and are not married is wide and varied, back in 2006, in Scotland it was altered. Cohabitation is becoming a more popular way for couples and families that are living together. This change covered, in the main, cohabitation, there was a real need for legal cohabitation agreements being drawn up in most situations. These written legal agreements are based around what is the agreed arrangements or conditions for couples that are not legally married but are living together.

Cohabitation agreements are getting more and more popular with younger couples who are living together for the first time. They are also very popular for couples who live together having been married or were in a long term relationship before. A cohabitation agreement covers many different subjects but in the main it is for assets which the couple acquired jointly which they use in their shared family home, no matter who spent most or committed the most, everything that is bought belongs to both partners equally and can include assets like, savings, cash, cars and property or pets. Cohabitation agreements are more popular today than they have ever been.




A cohabitation agreement is very popular for couples moving in together after being married before. It is a very common way to live in this day and age. More than ever cohabitation agreements are gaining in popularity. Family law states that any money that is saved or any household goods that are bought, regardless of who actually provided most of the money, each partner has an equal share, including, investments, money, savings or cash.

If you are not married and are living together you really should think about a legal cohabitation agreement, put an agreement or legal document in place as soon as possible. The dangers of not having a legal agreement in place is that any co habitant can make a claim against the other. Please note this must be done within a year of the couple splitting AND if either feel they have been financially disadvantaged or are worse off. In Northern Ireland family law also states that a cohabitant can make a legal claim to a share of their partner’s estate or assets should they pass away – as long as their co-habiting partner did not have a legal will in place.




If you are in a relationship and are a couple living together and are not married, no matter the situation, background or circumstances, you need to seriously think about getting a a legal cohabitation agreement which must be drafted up by a family lawyer. You might be very surprised to know that your relationship could benefit from having this type of legal agreement put in place.

On the other hand, you may be have just ended a relationship with your partner who you were cohabiting with, our family solicitors in Belfast can help. Give them a phone today and arrange an appointment to see one of our cohabitation agreement lawyers, just call the number on this page or fill out a contact us form with all your details and outlining what the current situation is.

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