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One thing that really confuses a lot of people about how UK family law works is that there are different kinds of family lawyers that operate in this particular field of law. So the question on their mind would be: why are there different types of family lawyers?

If you have an issue that may involve UK family law, this thought has probably crossed your mind as well. Actually, the differentiation between the types of lawyers that operate in the UK is not just limited to the field of family law but it also extends to other categories of law. Usually, there is an attorney who deals specifically with clients and gives advice, drafts papers and prepares them for trial if necessary. These types of lawyers may also make legal representations in negotiations in favor of their clients. This type of lawyer is known as a solicitor – and usually, if you need help with a particular legal problem, the solicitor would be the lawyer that you turn to specifically.

The other type of lawyer is a trial lawyer specifically. In the UK, these lawyers are called barristers and they are granted the exclusive authority to plead cases before the court – especially in the higher courts. In the field of UK Family Law, the barrister does not actually directly interact with the client he/she is representing. The solicitor who originally handles the case will prepare a case brief, which will be read and studied carefully by the barrister before pleading the case before the UK Family Court. The client only interacts with the solicitor.

why are there different types of family lawyers?

So Why Are There Different Types Of Family Lawyers?

As to the rationale behind the distinction and why there are different types of family lawyers? There is actually a functional reason as well as a historical reason for this class distinction. First of all, let us start with the historical reason.

Back in the past, when the legal system in the UK was in its infancy, there were cases being filed all the time as well as legal controversies that didn’t necessarily require trial. The people needed both types of lawyers – one who makes legal representations inside of court, and a lawyer who is dedicated to giving legal advice and drafting important documents and other legal paperwork. This is how the barrister and the solicitor were created. Traditionally speaking, the barrister is considered to be cloaked with a higher class of authority than a solicitor. Of course, in modern practice, this is not so clear-cut.

As to the functional reason, it is pretty much connected to the historical reason as well. In modern times, a barrister may actually represent you in litigation in the lower courts. However, when the case reaches the higher courts, then the services of a barrister are required. This is when a solicitor may seek the aid of a barrister for the legal representation of your case in court.

If you are still confused as to why there are different types of family lawyers just keep in mind that going straight to a solicitor is your first course of action. If you are certain that you need a trial lawyer however, you may also directly contact a barrister.

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